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Fire Door Maintenance

Maintenance; Once Fire Doors are Installed its important that they are not forgotten. As a business owner we understand that this is easy to forget or in some cases think fire doors maintenance isn’t a big deal and therefore doesn’t need doing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since 2005 there is now a…

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Do I Need Fire Doors

Do I Need Fire Doors? The answer is YES! Fire doors provide two essential functions in a event of a fire, they stop the spread of fire within both domestic and commercial premises, and they delay the spread of smoke. Fire doors provide you and other people within the building a safer means of escape….

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Fire Door Installation

Correct fire door installation is critical… Fire doors are an important element in the fire safety precautions, that businesses implement in order to ensure their business premises and employees are kept safely protected from the severe risks of fire. However, many businesses believe that once the fire doors are in place they have nothing to…

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Fire Door Responsibilities

Your responsibility for fire doors… There is often confusion about who’s responsibility the fire doors in a building actually falls too, the bottom line is that EVERYONE involved in the life of a fire door, from the fire door inspection through, to its specification and maintenance, is responsible for protecting the building and its occupants….

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Fire Doors – The Workplace

Fire Doors in the Workplace… Every year there are around 650 fires in the workplace, fire presents significant risk to business, not only can it destroy valuable stock equipment and building infrastructure, it can also seriously injure or even cause death to employees or visitors. Many causes of fires in the workplace could be avoided…

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The Importance of Fire Doors

How important are fire doors? If you own or manage a building then it’s essential that you follow the necessary health and safety regulations to protect your building and its occupants, whilst meeting with the current fire safety legislation. If you need to find out more about the current legislation, you can visit the government’s…

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Fire Door Accessibility

Everyone in the building needs a safe passage in the event of a fire… A building manager has difficult job to ensure they consider the safety of every individual that may regularly use or access their building and one vitally important consideration to make is how people will cope with opening or closing fire doors. In…

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Do you need a fire door inspection?

Why is a fire door important? With modern fire doors sometimes it is difficult to see that it is actually a fire door, this could also be said for a ‘Fire Door Upgrade’, which you’ll often see in period building as they want to keep the look of the existing door but ‘fire proof’ it….

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Fire Door Inspection

What is a fire door inspection? Fire Doors are an integral part of passive fire protection within the buildings construction and without the appropriate specifications, regular expert fire door inspections & quality maintenance procedures, then fire doors that are significantly less likely to be effective in providing protection for your building and the safety of…

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Fire Door Regulations

What are Fire Door Regulations? There are a number of fire door regulations which apply to both new and existing buildings across the UK and they do vary depending on whether it is a new building or an existing building. In the case of new buildings, or those which include alterations, extensions or change of…

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