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Fire Door Inspections in London

Fire Doors are all too often overlooked. Fire Door Inspection simply means that we check all your fire doors on-site at your business in London and the surrounding areas to ensure they are not only safe but compliant and effective against protecting occupants against smoke and flames in the event of a fire.

We undertake a total of 34 industry-specific fire door inspection checks on each and every fire door that we visit in London, we’ll then provide you with a full and detailed fire door report, including pictures, so you can actually see the potential hazards of any incorrectly installed fire doors.

Our London fire door inspection service provides you with a report and we will then outline a set of recommendations, including essential works required to meet the current guidelines and safety regulations, as well as a list of non-critical but advisable works to keep you, your customers and visitors safe at any given time.

Why choose Fire Doors Rite for Fire Door inspections in London?

At Fire Doors Rite, we don’t leave things to change when we are asked to get involved with your Fire Doors. We make sure that you are always covered for aspects of fire door safety, helped by the use of our bespoke fire door software.

For us, the first step in fire door inspection or an audit on your fire doors is identification. We believe that whether you are identifying a single fire door or multiple fire doors in a multi-storey office building, hospital or single dwelling, identification is the first step towards acheiving an easy audit trail for your fire doors.

By using our own bespoke fire door inspection software this allows you to take advantage of advanced electronic identification technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or barcodes.

We believe visual identification of assets can be prone to human error and this can generally consist of a minimum of 3 or 4 fire door survey sheets. With electronic identification, fire doors are identified instantly and without errors, showing any previous defects, who by and when they were last inspected, the next planned inspection and the history of fire door maintenance for the door in question.

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London Fire Doors

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