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Terms & Conditions

  1. All quotes are Nett ie Exclusive of any Vat or discounts, unless expressly stated on the quotation.
  2. Where quantified enquiry utilised, Fire Doors Rite Ltd reserve the right to re-measure the works as applicable and cannot be liable for any error in quantified enquiry or specification schedule where additional costs arise due to these said errors.
  3. All necessary scaffolding and/or tower staging to access the working area above 1.00 m to be provided, erected, and dismantled by main contractor/clients at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd, unless otherwise stated and agreed in writing at pre-let/contract meeting.
  4. Clean sustainable water supply where applicable to work carried out with hoses to service the said work deemed available at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd unless otherwise stated and agreed in writing at pre-let/contract meeting.
  5. Adequate provision of 110v power supply at each required working area/station deemed available at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd.
  6. All General lighting to enable Fire Doors Rite Ltd to carry out the works deemed, to be provided by main contractor. If specific task lighting/lighting will be in effect on completion, this must be reproduced by main contractor/client for Fire Doors Rite Ltd to work under.
  7. All debris arising from our works will be collected and deposited in either skips or spoil heaps adjacent to the working areas defined on site inductions. Skip provisions/disposal off site being the responsibility of the main contractor at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd, unless otherwise agreed at pre-contract stage or award of works.
  8. Shared welfare facilities are deemed available to Fire Doors Rite Ltd in compliance with Health and Safety at Work Act and CDM regulations, at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd.
  9. All variations of works must be advised/instructed in writing to a “principal” of Fire Doors Rite Ltd, not directly to working operatives, which will be subject to confirmation of acceptance by Fire Doors Rite Ltd for it to be binding and valued at agreed rates or daywork rates.
  10. Programme of works will only be binding to Fire Doors Rite Ltd once written agreement and confirmation, is issued by Fire Doors Rite Ltd to main contractor or client. Should site conditions and/ or events affect the agreed programme, then that programme will be rendered null and void, which Fire Doors Rite Ltd reserve the right to amend as appropriate. Where the contract is for labour only as agreed rates, any materials that are supplied by main contractor/client and not provided to Fire Doors Rite Ltd for reasons only attributory to main contractor/client then daywork rates will be charged for any down time caused for lack of materials at an agreed day rate cost prior to attendance and start on site.
  11. Any “damages” clause stated in an enquiry/order will only be proportionally applicable to the liability of Fire Doors Rite Ltd ie Fire Doors Rite Ltd subcontractor sum such as a proportion of the main contract sum providing the percentage of the full damages sum applicable.
  12. Fixed price provisions will be that stated in our covering letter of estimate (if applicable) and will be held for period stated or for 28 days from quote date and subject to manufacturers increases and volatility in any materials market outside of our control. Works undertaken beyond that of our stated fixed price period or working hours, will be subject to reimbursement or reasonable increased costs in labour, materials, and plant as appropriate. Additionally, extra works imposed will result in a revision of agreed programmes and Fire Doors Rite Ltd not held liable for any over run or Liquidated Damages due to extra works outside of original contract. Manufacturers, materials and transport costs will be reviewed weekly, and costs incurred due to Volatility in the supply of materials and transport costs, delay in client agreeing and signing of works to proceed, will be discussed with client to agree additional costs to impose.
  13. Valuation dates and payment terms will be agreed in writing upon placement of order and pre-let meeting and adhered to, Pro-Forma Invoices will be raised and sent, until cleared funds received, no materials will be ordered or works booked in, No Fire Door Inspections carried out or Fire Door Inspection/Fire Door Installation Certificates will be released, unless agreed prior in writing, and cleared funds received.
  14. Should our work in progress be obstructed, delayed, or put on hold due to site conditions/incorrect structural openings and/or awaiting instruction from main contractor, then any standing time/abortive time of labour and downtime of associated plant will be recoverable on a day work basis and charged to the main contractor accordingly.
  15. The undertaking of variations by way of written site instruction or that referred to in 14 above will be binding, and unless at pre agreed rates, will be subject to reimbursement on a day work basis. Consideration will also be given to travelling time/costs to and from site in addition to on site working hours as appropriate.
  16. During “works in progress” Fire Doors Rite Ltd expect any considered defect or unsatisfactory workmanship to be notified immediately in writing to enable prompt and effective action to be taken. This is to the benefit of all parties, since delayed notification of such items “post subsequent trade”, causing unnecessary making good of said trades will not be accepted as Fire Doors Rite Ltd responsibility. Fire Doors Rite Ltd will encourage pro-active inspection by main contractor during the process of the works as “areas” are completed to avoid such problems arising, recording same in writing.
  17. Valuation of works are to include materials on site, however, not until Fire Doors Rite Ltd have received full payment for such materials, will title pass to the main contractor or client.
  18. Should payment not be received by the agreed stated due date (then unless an agreed date, payment will be 30 days from Fire Doors Rite Ltd Invoice Date) contracted to in our order or subsequently confirmed in writing, Fire Doors Rite Ltd reserve the right to suspend works without being in breach of any subcontract conditions pending satisfactory reimbursement of monies due. If any sum is not paid on the due date and within the agreed contract terms, then Interest at the rate of 8% above the base rate of the Bank of England from time to time of said due date will be charged until payment is received.
  19. Fire Doors Rite Ltd will comply with all necessary Health & Safety requirements on site, but it is the responsibility of the principal contractor to fully induct Fire Doors Rite Ltd personnel as to the Site safety plan and arrangements on site as well as informing and supplying an asbestos register/asbestos survey.
  20. Fire Doors Rite Ltd hold current Public & Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance’s as a minimum, copies of which can be made available upon request.
  21. Datum points and levels will be provided by the main contractor, to which our operatives will work. Fire Doors Rite Ltd do not accept any responsibility for accuracy of these datums.
  22. Unless stated, access equipment (hoist, crane, forklift etc) has not been allowed for within our quotation and any materials provided by Fire Doors Rite Ltd will be lifted to loading bays provided by main contractor or client at no cost to Fire Doors Rite Ltd.
  23. Unless expressly requested and stated, Fire Doors Rite Ltd have not made allowance for any floor/wall preparation and/or cleaning out of the areas in question. Any cleaning required to enable us to continue with our works will be chargeable at the day works rate previously mentioned.
  24. If instructions are given that the normal working week must be increased by any overtime and/or work outside normal working hours (ie night work, weekend work etc) then the overtime premium will be charged as an extra or the bill rates increased/adjusted accordingly.
  25. Works requiring a second visit, due to areas not ready for our completion when work is originally proceeding, will be carried out as a day work item in addition to the already agreed costs/rates.
  26. Acceptance of this quotation and all terms and conditions must be in writing or a signed email expressing such acceptance. Acceptance shall not, by reason only of such acceptance, constitute a Contract, and we shall not be bound thereby until a formal Contract is signed by us.
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