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Fire Door Safety Standards Explained

Fire Door Safety Standards Explained

In buildings that regularly house large groups of people, such as schools, hotels, commercial properties, residential apartments, even airports, it is important to ensure that all fire safety standards are met at all times. Fire door safety standards protect people in the case of a fire where immediate evacuation may not be a possibility. A door that meets these standards will be able to offer fire resistance if it remains closed, so that occupants inside are kept safe.

From a professional viewpoint, fire safety is also vital for protecting properties. If a fire breaks out in one area of a property, it can be contained if surrounding areas have fire doors installed. This will minimise damage and injuries.

The fire door safety standards in the UK are simple to understand. All doors that lead to a stairwell or a habitable room must be fitted with fire doors in buildings that are higher than two levels. Additionally, loft conversions and mixed use buildings must have fitted fire doors. The standard fire door rating is FD30, which offers 30 minute protection but in many buildings require a higher rating such as schools and hospitals, where ratings of up to FD120 can be required.

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