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News Archive for 2019

Save time on site with complete pre-hung fire door assemblies

Save time on site with complete pre-hung fire door assemblies Very often a building project, whether from brand new or a major refurbishment, will require a substantial volume of specialised doors to meet a number of different requirements, depending upon the use of the building. Certain environments require doors, not just as entry and exit…

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Workplace Fire Safety at Christmas

Workplace fire safety at Christmas Most people like to enjoy the Christmas season and enter into the spirit of things. For many this includes putting up Christmas decorations and creating a festive atmosphere, whether it is in the home or the workplace. You must always, though, be aware of the potential fire and safety implications…

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Internal Fire Doors to Meet all your Office Requirements

Internal fire doors to meet all your office requirements All work environments have to treat safety of the staff and visitors as the first priority, and, as such, need to be fitted throughout with the appropriate, regulation fire doors. Office environments are used for lots of different functions and, as well as the vital safety…

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An FD60 Glazed Fire Door Provides Protection & Style

An FD60 glazed fire door provides protection and style Anyone involved in the construction of a new building is automatically tasked with placing safety above all else, and installing fully certified and tested fire doors is a major requirement – but this doesn’t mean that fire doors have to be purely functional. They can be…

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Fire Safety Guidelines For Hotels

A fire in any building can be a frightening, and potentially life-threatening event. In hotels, that threat takes on even more significance, with the number of people endangered and at risk. Often hotel fires occur at night, with many guests disoriented and confused, making safe evacuation more difficult. Circumstances like this require a well communicated…

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FIRE DOOR SAFETY WEEK RETURNS FOR 2019 THE CAMPAIGN runs from 23 to 29 September, and will stress the ‘life-saving role that fire doors play in protecting us while we sleep’. Run by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), Fire Door Safety Week is now in its seventh year and will highlight ‘the importance of fire…

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Fire Door Seals

Fire Door Seals What is a fire door seal? Fire door seals are fitted between a door and its frame to fill any gaps that would otherwise allow smoke and fire to escape, in the event of an emergency. They are a vital part of any fire door and they must be correctly designed and…

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Fire door design can be stylish and on trend

Fire door design can be stylish and on trend Fire doors, as we are all aware, are a vital safety feature in any commercial or public service building. There is often a misconception though, that a fire door is purely functional and, therefore, cannot be aesthetically attractive. Not all internal fire doors have to look…

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A badly fitted fire door won’t save lives

A badly fitted fire door won’t save lives We are all aware of the importance of fire doors, and the part they play in protecting lives and property in the event of a fire outbreak. It is a natural assumption on our part, though, that simply because we see a fire door is present, that…

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Have you checked your fire doors recently?

Have you checked your fire doors recently? Whilst we are all aware of how important fire doors are, especially within environments and buildings such as public facilities and schools, hospitals, care homes and buildings of multiple occupancy, just knowing that they have the requisite doors is not enough. Any fire door, in any building, is…

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