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Purpose Made Fire Doors Can Have Both Soundproofing And Security Features

Purpose Made Fire Doors Can Have Both Soundproofing And Security Features

Whether you are looking for a door for the office, apartment suite or public building – such as a school or hospital – it can be difficult to find one door that meets all your needs. However, it is possible to have a multi-use purpose made fire door that is both a soundproof door and that also has security features to allay theft and other crime.

Purpose made doors with soundproofing

You may need a soundproof door for the entrance to an office or meeting room in a Human Resources Department or for a Management Team Suite but often these doors are also required to have fire resistance due to their location in a building.

It is possible to have purpose made fire resistant soundproof doors. Acoustic doors with a 35db or above specification are ideal for areas that may need privacy or for sectioning off areas where a lot of noise may be being made for example separating the factory floor from the main office.

Soundproof doors are available in a variety of finishes from different veneer finishes to glazed doors and laminated doors so they are easy to integrate into your existing interior design. Acoustic doors can also provide fire resistance and well as providing soundproofing. Acoustic doors with fire resistance are available from FD30 to FD240 depending on the door you need to comply with safety regulations.

Purpose made fire doors with security features

Fire resistant doors can also be security doors and are ideal for locations where you have to secure an area within a building and also comply with building regulations for fire safety. Ideal for social housing, or internal doors for apartments or high specification homes, purpose made fire doors with security features have multi point locking systems to withstand the opportunistic intruder.

Look for PAS 24 doors which are doors that have been tested to withstand intruders for a set period of time. PAS 24 doors are recognised by Secured by Design – the UK Police initiative to reduce crime by using better design solutions.

PAS 24 secure doors are combined with an acoustic reduction of 33dB and an FD30 fire resistance. These doors can also be made with a range of finishes ideal for fitting into their surroundings.

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