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Save time on site with complete pre-hung fire door assemblies

Save time on site with complete pre-hung fire door assemblies

Very often a building project, whether from brand new or a major refurbishment, will require a substantial volume of specialised doors to meet a number of different requirements, depending upon the use of the building. Certain environments require doors, not just as entry and exit points, but for safety and security aspects, and time and cost will always be important considerations in these projects.

When you consider the required uses of these fire doors (fire safety, noise reduction), then exact, precise fitting is vital – and this is far more easily achieved by installing a complete pre-hung fire door set.

Here are some considerations when sourcing your supply of specialised doors for your project:

What is a pre-hung door assembly?

Pre-hung fire door sets are effectively a complete door unit constructed and delivered as a ‘working model’ ready to install in place. The door leaf, the frames, and often the architraves, are supplied as a single entity. The frames and the doors have been machined with the hinges, locks and latches all in situation.

Where would you install them?

If you are installing fire doors in a new-build property, whether residential or commercial, then it is obviously easier to fit them as a finished unit into the relevant openings in newly-constructed walls and rooms. Some may argue, though, that if you are refurbishing a building, and just replacing existing doors, then it may be an added expense to replace the frames and surrounds as well the doors themselves.

Indeed, there may be a slight added outlay in doing that, but there are important advantages to doing so. Properties built in the last fifty years may well have been constructed with materials of an inferior quality to those used today, and have been affected by movement – and in some cases, inferior installation at the time!

Benefits of pre-hung fire doors

• They can be tailored to bespoke requirements for any building project.

• Labour costs and time are reduced – installing pre-hung fire doors as a single assembly requires far less preparation than constructing the frames separately then getting the timber fire doors to fit.

• Pre-hung timber fire doors, and pre-hung sound proof fire doors, sets are constructed to the full compliance regulations required by law.

• Installing pre-hung assemblies means adjustments are minimised, as the tolerance and clearance gaps are pre-set.

• Any risk of damage to these vital doors is reduced as they can be installed and fitted after the rest of the construction work is already completed.

• With pre-hung fire door assembly sets, any differential shrinkage, due to moisture content, is controlled.

• Sourcing your pre-hung timber fire door assemblies from a reputable and accredited supplier or manufacturer, will ensure that they are third-party BM Quality mark certified.

As well as all these important, practical considerations, from a purely aesthetic view, there are a number of different design options and finishes for any fire, or sound proof fire door, installation to give your building project the finish you want, as well as providing the required safety aspects.

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