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Timber acoustic doors for industrial environments

Timber acoustic doors for industrial environments

Many industrial environments require parts of the buildings to be free from the everyday noisy atmosphere created on site. Industrial acoustic doors are an excellent noise control solution for containing sound in very loud environments such as factories, industrial buildings, power generation plants, film studios and theatres.

To reduce noise from the likes of manufacturing, process lines and distribution channels, these soundproofing facilities will prove essential. Whilst the main function of a factory is normally production of a specific product, other business aspects are often conducted on the premises – and a loud, incessant production line of any kind is not conducive to group or private meetings, a team of designers working away or general office staff. In essence, any facility or building that requires sound to be separated from people, places or things to insure privacy, safety or productivity, but still must allow physical passage between two or more locations, will need this type of industrial acoustic door.

These doors are produced in different, bespoke forms to suit the specific application, depending upon the area of use and your soundproofing needs.

Acoustic door sets supplied as complete assemblies

Timber acoustic doorsets are manufactured and supplied as complete assemblies with frames and seals in order to prevent sound penetrating around the door edges. All of our acoustic doors are made to order, so we cater for any size required.

This is important, as most of our soundproof doors are designed and manufactured pre-hung in appropriate frames and fitted as complete units on site. There are different levels of soundproofing available – from 35dB (decibel) upwards – which configuration you order will depend upon your specific environmental requirements.

Acoustic doors with rated fire protection

Most industrial environments will also be catering for mandatory fire safety regulations, and our timber acoustic doors are manufactured, tested and certified to the required standards to comply with these.

Wherever appropriate, depending upon their use, some acoustic door sets can be fitted with glass panels. In these instances the glass panelling can have an impact on the soundproofing performance of the doors so the size, and type, of glass has to be carefully considered, especially if the door is to meet required standards for both acoustic and fire safety certification.

Industry approved for quality and excellence

Ideally, you will want a timber acoustic door that has been Quiet Mark approved – this is an industry recognized symbol of quality and excellence for acoustic quality and performance.

It is worth noting that each acoustic doorset will have different characteristics at different frequencies, so you should select the best solution for your specific need – the highest rating does not necessarily mean that it is the most appropriate for your requirements.

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