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Why Fire Doors Improve The Security Of Your Building

Why Fire Doors Improve The Security Of Your Building

Whether your building is for residential or commercial purposes, considering the safety and security of the people involved and the buildings’ integrity is paramount. It is a developer’s and building owner’s and manager’s responsibility to provide the most effective safe environment giving reassurance and peace of mind to all building occupants and visitors or users.

Here are some considerations when deciding upon your best fire security door options:

Execute a proper risk assessment

When considering the security of any building it is essential that your starting point should be a thorough risk assessment to identify any potential weak points. If it is a commercial building used for business, talk to your staff to glean their opinions and any suggestions or observations they may have regarding the security of the premises they enter every day.

Consider any reported or known criminal activity in your area regarding commercial or business premises and speak to your local crime enforcement bodies about how to improve security. If the building in question is used for residential purposes, there are strict mandatory guidelines on performing a full risk assessment, so ensure that you are aware of these and follow ALL recommendations contained within them.

Implement a strategy to strengthen entry points

Wherever there is an entry point to your premises there is an opportunity for intruders to get in – and an opportunity for you to improve upon your building security! Consider installing security fire doors at all entry avenues – timber security doors are of solid construction and, when fitted with secure locks, will provide a comprehensive barrier to any would-be intruders intent on getting into your building.

You should also consider similar actions for all your window entry points – solid windows with strengthened glass and secure locks, ensuring that they are always closed and locked when the building is empty, are a real deterrent against illegal intrusion.

Look at security fire doors as an investment

When considering your fire security door options, remember that you need to install security doors that are fully compliant with all the relevant and recommended quality and safety standards necessary to effectively protect your premises. Selecting to install doors that do not meet these recommendations will not provide the security and protection you want.

Non-compliant security doors will NOT fully protect your property from burglary and vandalism and MAY NOT protect your people from anti-social behaviour and potentially violent intrusion! Consider also that if you install sub-standard fire security doors in a residential building, they MAY NOT offer the vital protection and safety in the event of a fire outbreak on your premises. Ensure you check all the available information on the legal and mandatory requirements for fully compliant fire security doors and any of the recommendations for approved manufacturers and suppliers.

Given the vital role that fire security doors play in the safety and protection of the building’s structural integrity, and all the people that inhabit or regularly use the building, it is important that you choose the best options available for your fire security door sets. Opting to install the best quality timber security doors will prove to be a wise – and responsible – investment, both in the short and the long terms. In installing the best quality security doors, you will be reducing any on-going maintenance costs and any possible replacement overheads, as well ensuring fewer insurance claims against any damage your doors may be subject to. Consider also, that in residential complexes, it may ultimately mean the difference between life and death!

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