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Useful Fire Door Tips

8 Useful Fire Door Tips

Here is a combination of important and interesting facts – and some of these statistics provide a cause for concern:-

1. “About 3 million new fire doors are bought and installed every year in the UK”
2. “The vast majority of fire doors are made from timber”
3. “In a survey among fire risk assessors, 80% of escape routes were obstructed, 65% of fire doors were wedged open, 85% had door closers disconnected”
4. “Leaving fire doors wedged or propped open disregards the safety of others. It is also against the law”.
5. “In a recent review of 100 cases prosecuted under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire doors were the second highest reason for prosecutions”
6. “All fire doors should be fitted with intumescent seals – they expand 5-10 times their original size, sealing the gaps around the perimeter of the door and holding the door construction firmly in place”
7. “Some fire doors may also need smoke seals and/or acoustic seals, to stop Cold Smoke”
8. “Essential ironmongery for fire doors must be CE marked even though fire doors themselves don’t need to be (yet)”

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