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Do I Need Fire Doors

Do I Need Fire Doors?

The answer is YES! Fire doors provide two essential functions in a event of a fire, they stop the spread of fire within both domestic and commercial premises, and they delay the spread of smoke. Fire doors provide you and other people within the building a safer means of escape. A Fire door inspection means that we check all of the fire doors within your premises to make sure they are safe and effective at providing you safety from smoke and flame in an event of a fire.

The inspections that we carry out include a total of 34 industry-specific fire door related checks on every single fire door. We would then give you a full and detailed report including pictures of every hazard. After all, can you afford not to see what potential hazard there is to yourself and others?

You cannot leave things to chance when it comes to checking fire doors, that’s where we come in. What sets us apart from others is that we carry our inspections through our bespoke Fire Doors Rite software. Were you aware that visual identification of assets is prone to human error? Our software means that fire doors are identified instantly and error free!

Many business owners believe that once Fire Doors are installed they don’t need to carry out annual inspections to check the doors themselves and if they are still up to the correct specification required within the building.

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