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Fire Door Inspection

What is a fire door inspection?

Fire Doors are an integral part of passive fire protection within the buildings construction and without the appropriate specifications, regular expert fire door inspections & quality maintenance procedures, then fire doors that are significantly less likely to be effective in providing protection for your building and the safety of those contained within.

Fire Doors are in place to protect against the spread of fire and smoke within, into or out of a building, therefore, those responsible for the building and the safety of its occupants need to ensure there is a preventive maintenance program for the fire doors in accordance with fire regulations.

The NFPA claims failure of the fire door to close is the most common failure of most fire doors in the event of a fire. This is usually due to factors such as; lack of the proper maintenance, damage to the closure, door, guides, or tracks and doorway blockages. Latches & poorly adjusted closing devices are amongst the common faults reported.

Fire door inspection and testing should be carried out on an annual basis to ensure their complete compliance and a written record of the fire door inspection should be kept by the person responsible. This inspection report should then be kept in the event it is required.

Fire Doors Rite strictly follows industry specific guidelines and undertakes a total of 34 industry-specific fire door inspection checks on each and every fire door, we’ll then provide you with a full and detailed report, including pictures, so you can actually see the potential hazards of any incorrectly installed fire doors.

Our fire door inspection report will then outline a set of recommendations, including essential works required to meet the current guidelines and safety regulations, as well as a list of non-critical but advisable works. Our fire door assembly inspection service not only ensures that your facility’s fire rated doors operate properly, but also ensures that all components associated with the fire door assembly are inspected as well.

Our fire door inspections include the validation of the frame, hinges, bolts, locks, exit hardware as well as other components. We are committed to making fire door compliance easy for facility and engineering directors. As part of our fire door inspection services we educate and train your personnel on factors which identify fire doors that might have the greatest potential for failure due to high use frequency.

Failure to comply can place property and lives at risk and is likely to result in criminal prosecution, so if you need an expert to help point you in the right direction, please contact us.

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