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The importance of fire doors in rental homes

The importance of fire doors in rental homes

Landlords are required under the ‘2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (FSO)’ to ensure that their tenants and properties are safe. They are described as the “responsible person” and, if they fail to take action and fulfil their duties, they can be criminally prosecuted. A fire risk assessment in all non-domestic buildings, including common areas of houses and flats, is also required under the responsibility, so therefore rental homes fall under this category too.

Why is a fire door important in rental homes?

A fire door ensures that, if a fire breaks out, it can be contained via a “compartment”. This will help keep the smoke and fire contained for a defined period of time, allowing people the time to escape and make the fire easier to contain and tackle. However, your fire door will not fulfil this function if it’s propped open or damaged, so it’s therefore vital that you invest in high-quality internal fire doors for a rental home and have them regularily inspected for compliance etc..

Ensure your fire resistant door will be effective

• Ensure that the fire doors in your rental property are professionally checked and are fit for use
• As a landlord you should inform your tenants of the importance of keeping fire doors closed, especially at night. They should never be wedged open
• All fire door faults should be reported and fixed straight away
• It’s a good idea that rental properties have a regular maintenance schedule and checklist which includes checking all fire doors in the building
• Always use a trained professional for fire door maintenance

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