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Is It Ok to Wedge Open a Fire Door?

Is It Ok to Wedge Open a Fire Door?

Fire doors are a legal and practical necessity in many types of residential and commercial properties. On a daily basis they can seem cumbersome and cause delays on a regular basis due to how heavy they can be and a struggle to open and keep open to travel through.
Wedging a fire door open provides you with easier access, and it’s no harm right? Everyone does it, and a fire is a rare problem to face. Wrong.

If you own a residential complex or commercial enterprise what could go wrong if you allow the fire doors present to be wedged open?
Injury or Death – In the worst cases a fire door wedged open will spread much faster than if a fire door was closed as it is meant to be, causing injury and potentially loss of life for those present in the building at the time of the fire.

Destruction of Assets – Equipment, documents and even the building itself could be completely destroyed in the case of a fire. Fire doors are there for a reason, and leaving them open increases the risk of this sort of damage taking place.
Legal penalties for the Owner – As the owner of the building you are responsible for its fire safety compliance. Those instances where fire doors are inspected and found to be open, or have been left open and caused a fire can lead to substantial fines or even more severe penalties including prison sentences for the owners.

It is important to be aware of all aspects of your fire safety as the owner of a building, whether residential or commercial. Fire doors are there for a reason and should be treated with respect in order to keep people safe from harm in the event of a fire. For more information about how Fire Doors Rite can help you fulfil your fire safety obligations with high quality fire doors, or you require a Freedor Closer, which allows the door to swing free until a fire alarm sounds, then the Freedor activates and becomes a Door Closer, contact us today.

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