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Fire Door Installation

Correct fire door installation is critical…

Fire doors are an important element in the fire safety precautions, that businesses implement in order to ensure their business premises and employees are kept safely protected from the severe risks of fire. However, many businesses believe that once the fire doors are in place they have nothing to worry about and they have done what is required of them. However, the correct fire door installation is particularly important as it can mean the difference between a 30 minute fire door performing how it was manufactured & tested, as opposed to an incorrectly installed fire door which may well reduce the effectiveness of the fire door to possibly 5­10 minutes, before the fire is no longer under control.

There are many elements that need to be considered when a fire door installation is taking place. Firstly, you need to check that the fire door actually being installed has a label that implies it is certified to the correct specification required within your building. This certification ensures that the fire door you have purchased has been made and tested under the correct Fire Test regulations. Compatibility is another aspect that needs to be considered so you need to check that your fire door has the correct hinges, ironmongery and frames that comply with the appropriate fire testing and current regulations, a simple loose screw or hinge can have a detrimental effect on the main purpose of the fire door, to save lives and property.

Be extremely careful of making any alterations to a fire door as alterations can have an adverse effect on how the fire door works, whilst also meaning that the certification could become void.

Ensure that gaps between the fire door and frame at the top and sides are no less than 2mm and no more than 4mm (roughly the width of a £1 coin) and the threshold gap is as per manufacturer’s instructions, this is normally between 8­10mm. Lastly, make sure the fire door operates accordingly and that the fire door closer can shut the door on to the latch from any position, ideally checked and tested from 6” (150mm) open.

Like any product you purchase, a fire door is rendered void if not able to perform the correct job that it is intended for. Correct Installation of a fire door plays a vital part in ensuring that the fire door does the exact job it should do, which is to contain a fire hazard and limit the devastation a fire could cause. Most fire doors are installed by carpenters, however knowing how it should be installed correctly, and being certified via a Third Party Certification Scheme, is not necessarily correct for your business, in fact the quite opposite, the installation part of a fire door is as just as important as the fire door itself, if not installed correctly to the correct Fire Test Assessment or to current regulations, the fire door is deemed not fit for purpose or compliant to the Fire Risk Assessment of the building.

Poorly and incorrectly fitting fire doors to frames are a genuine problem that can be the effect from inappropriate trained installers, always insist on Third Party Certified Installers. The problem with incorrect fitting fire doors to the frame is that it can lead to a fire being able to spread through a building rather than being contained. Fire doors must be installed correctly in order for them to work properly.

Your safety of your building and the occupants contained within, are as important to us as it is to you, so if you need any advice on Fire Door Installation, please contact us here at Fire Doors Rite and we’ll be more than happy to help where we can, or provide a free quote if needed.

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