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What prevents a fire from spreading through a building?

What prevents a fire from spreading through a building?Fires can take hold quickly in any industrial or commercial building, so it’s important to put measures in place to control or slow their spread. Fitting fire doors throughout any building is the most significant measure to help reduce and control the damage caused by fires. And, company fire safety officers need to be responsible for educating the workforce about the importance of keeping internal fire doors closed at all times.

How fire doors help prevent the spread of fire

Fire doors provide heat resistance and fire containment for a specified length of time. This fire containment can give the building’s occupants the vital time that’s needed to evacuate the building. It also means firefighters may find the fire easier to tackle.
Internal fire doors are tested and certified to provide from 30 minutes to 120 minutes fire resistance and are used in the commercial and industrial sectors to section off different areas of any building. The strength and heat resistance offered by each internal fire door helps with fire containment and control, providing building residents with the opportunity for an orderly escape.

Fire safety habits

It’s not just a case of fitting fire doors to business property and forgetting about them, though. Firstly, fire doors should be installed by professionals to ensure all components are correct and any smoke seals will operate in the event of an emergency fire. Secondly, all residents and workers within the building should be educated about fire doors and understand the reasons these doors should never be propped open. Open fire doors cannot serve their purpose in the event of a fire in the building. Only a closed fire door will offer the strength and containment that’s essential to give occupants the time required to escape.

One way to remind all occupants of the building about the importance of good fire safety habits is to fit signs close by every fire door. These signs inform and educate and also provide the instructions needed in the event of an emergency.
Maintaining fire doors

And, finally, regular inspections and tests on internal fire doors will ensure they continue to provide the required protection and will operate correctly in the event of a fire on your premises.

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