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Add 1 Hour Fire Resistance With FD60 Fire Doors

Add 1 Hour Fire Resistance With FD60 Fire Doors

It is a legal requirement for any building with public access to have properly certificated fire doors in place, in order to prevent and reduce the risks associated in the event of a fire – which can be costly both for business and, more importantly, to people’s welfare and safety. Fire doors are manufactured to different ‘integrity’ ratings based on the level of thermal insulation. This thermal insulation is the level of heat transfer from one side of the door to the other.

For example, an FD30 rated door will provide protection from a fire for 30 minutes – likewise an FD60 rated door will provide this resistance for 60 minutes.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your 1 hour rated fire doors:

Essential requirements for an FD60 door

Aside from offering 60 minutes fire resistance, there are other mandatory requirements – all FD60 doors must:

• Meet BSI standards

• Have a certified 54m core

• Have intumescent strips in the frame or door (for safety against smoke)

• Have certified glazing – insulating/non-insulating

• Be available as a pre-hung assembly

• Be installed by a competent person

As well as these being standard requirements in any building with public access, these regulations can apply to some private residential buildings. For example, in a 2 storey home, any doors leading from an integral garage into the house must be fire resistant, and in any new-build properties with 3 or more floors, including loft conversions, you must have fire doors to every habitable room off the stairwell.

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