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An FD60 Glazed Fire Door Provides Protection & Style

An FD60 glazed fire door provides protection and style

Anyone involved in the construction of a new building is automatically tasked with placing safety above all else, and installing fully certified and tested fire doors is a major requirement – but this doesn’t mean that fire doors have to be purely functional.

They can be aesthetically pleasing too, and make up part of an attractive finish to any room.

Here are some considerations to both aspects of the role of glazed fire doors:

Safety requirements for all fire doors

There are specified mandatory safety requirements for all glazed fire doors. FD60 fire doors must have certain specifications, apart from those in regard to offering the 60 minutes of fire resistance. They must be constructed with a certified core of 54mm to comply with specified British Standards. All FD60 glazed fire doors must be fitted with intumescent strips in either the frame or the door itself – this is to stop the spread of smoke and heat from any fire outbreak. All fire doors with glass must have certified glazing, whether insulating or non-insulating, and must be available as a pre-hung assembly, to be installed by an identified competent person.
In homes that are two storeys or more, a door leading from/to an integral garage, must be fully certified fire resistant, and any new-build, or renovated, three-storey building must include certified fire doors to every habitable room leading from the stairwell.

Finish your fire doors with style

There are a number of different possibilities to finish your glazed fire doors in a smart and stylish fashion. There are a range of veneer finishes, paint grades, laminate facings and glazing options that can add that touch of style to the way your fire door looks.

Veneer finishes

Veneer finish options are available in a wide range of real wood veneers including Ash, Beech, Cherry, Elm, Larch, Maple, Oak, Teak and Walnut – some of these options with a further range within themselves.

Paint grades

Paint grades are available as Ply-Faced, MDF-Faced or Paper Overlay – each designed for the most effective finish, dependent upon the door materials and actual door use.

Laminate facings

Laminate facings offer tough and easy to clean surfaces, so have that added practicality as well as a lovely aesthetic appearance. These are readily available in a plain finish, a pattern or a wood grain – the laminate finish doors are generally finished with lipped edges made from an appropriate hardwood.

Glazing options

Fire doors with glass are available with different glazing options using appropriate glass types and thicknesses, dependent upon the required integrity for the individual door use. These can be manufactured to your bespoke requirement.

No matter what finish options you choose, the materials can be appropriately matched throughout your building to ensure a smart, uniform and stylish look to your premises, as well as performing the very important task of providing safe spaces from any fire outbre

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