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Are Made To Measure Fire Doors A Good Choice For Your Home?

Are Made To Measure Fire Doors A Good Choice For Your Home?

When you are redesigning or reconsidering the look of your home, then the internal doors are obviously a major feature and consideration. And sometimes you may feel that the standard doors available just don’t suit what you want. The answer is to consider bespoke, made to measure doors. You can have your own design and look to perfectly fit your vision!

Here are some aspects of internal doors to consider when contemplating your next home makeover:

The size of your doors

Obviously, the size and function of the room will dictate the size of door required – but a made to measure door will be tailored to your specific requirements and design. A correctly fitted made to measure door will offer practical advantages as well the pleasing aesthetic look you desire – it will provide reduced noise levels and retain heat – making them more economical – as well as providing the individual look to the room that you want!

Bespoke fire doors for peace Of mind

Whilst your choice of door may be governed by the overall style and look you want for your room, it is also well worth considering the safety factor in your home – made to measure fire doors can provide both!

Again, whilst it is not legally mandatory to install fire doors in your home, custom made fire doors can offer that peace of mind by providing protection against fire, heat, and potentially fatal smoke, by containing any fire outbreak in the area it occurs. These safety fire doors can buy you the vital time you may need to safely evacuate you and your family from the house, whilst also limiting potential damage to your home itself!

If you are worried that providing this safety aspect will compromise the aesthetic look of your door, then don’t be – made to measure custom fire doors can be finished in the same style and design as any other internal door you may choose! The only difference will be the reinforced core construction and thickness of the door – the finished look can be what you desire whilst also providing that important safety!

The style and finish of your choice

Whether you are replacing just one or two doors in your home, or completely refurbishing your house – or even designing your rooms from scratch as part of a new development – you should consider the style and look you want. Traditional, modern, or contemporary door designs are available as made to measure fire doors.

Choosing your finish will dictate the overall look and you can have plenty of available choice from wood veneers in oak, elm, larch, maple through to teak and walnut as well as alternative laminate finishes.
Door furniture to complete your aesthetic

To round off the bespoke aesthetic look of your made to measure doors, there is a range of attractive door furniture available – handles, inlay strips and glass paneling – including that all-important heat resistant glass for fire doors – can all be incorporated into your final door design.

If you are looking for doors for your home, you should speak to an established and licensed fire doors supplier and manufacturer – they will have the experience and expertise to advise you on all doors made to measure in the UK, giving you best chance of making an informed choice.

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