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Benefits of using purpose made fire doors

Benefits of using purpose made fire doors

Fire doors are an essential element in containing and / or stopping house fires, and are required by law within commercial buildings. Their purpose is to isolate a fire, offering people enough time to safely evacuate the building.

Whilst they are a legal requirement within public buildings, nowadays, more and more people are considering fitting fire doors within their homes for added reassurance. It is therefore important to ensure the fire doors chosen are suitable for the task at hand.

We understand the benefits of choosing purpose made fire doors within the home:

When might you need a fire door?

There are actually some instances within a home where fire doors are a legal requirement:

• A fire door must be fitted between an integral garage and a two-storey home

• Fire doors must be fitted on each room coming off the stairwell when renovating a two-storey home to a three-storey home

The minimum fire door required is an FD30; allowing 30minutes to exit the property. We supply fire rated protection from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

What makes a fire door suitable in the home?

You want to ensure your fire doors are fit for purpose so you will need to consider which are appropriate for your property. The age of your house may influence the size of the door required as some older houses may have non-standard door sizes. Choosing purpose made fire doors allows you to have bespoke doors to fit your property.

If you have an unusual layout you would need to consider the length of time it takes to exit the building safely. If you’re considering having purpose made fire doors for the Front and Back of your property, you may also want to consider our security fire doors to further enhance your homes security.

As well as the doors themselves, it’s important to ensure any latches, hinges, locks etc on your fire doors are fire protected as these elements will also affect the efficiency of the door.
Can fire doors be designed for the home?

Choosing a fire door doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. By choosing made to measure doors, you have a lot more choice than you may think. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of real wood veneers, heard-wearing laminate designs, as well as painted and glazing options. You can even choose suitable skirting, architrave and mouldings to tie in with the look and feel of your home.

Are fire doors effective within the home?

As well as providing a quick and safe evacuation from your home, fire doors also help minimise the damage. However, both of these benefits are only possible if your doors are correctly fitted to meet fire safety regulations. If is therefore crucial you have a professional fitter installing fire doors within your home. We are able to advise on the correct specification for each door within your home.

It is also worth noting that fire doors will only work effectively when they are closed. Leaving them propped open will render you and your home helpless should a fire ensue.
Can a fire door enhance soundproofing?

As fire doors are generally much thicker than standard doors, they also offer great soundproofing to your home. This level of noise reduction can be a blessing if you have a budding musician in the house or if you want to watch a movie with surround sound whilst the children are asleep. So, not only is your house much safer and secure with made to measure fire doors, you also have more privacy within the home.

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