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Can Internal Fire Doors Have Glass Panels?

Can Internal Fire Doors Have Glass Panels?

When you are considering internal fire doors for your business safety always comes first. It is important to remember that safe fire doors can also be stylish fire doors and that their design can be sophisticated as well as practical.

When considering bespoke fire doors you may be surprised to learn just how flexible the look of your fire doors can be. From veneer facings through to stylish fire doors – there are many options available.

Glazed fire doors are available and there are many options why you may want to choose to use internal fire doors with glass panels in your business.

Gazing adds a level of practicality

Glazed fire doors and glass screens are available at both 30 minutes and 60 minutes integrity, FD30 and FD60.

The type and thickness of glass that is used in these internal fire doors meets specific regulations and is designed to slow the spread of a fire. Bespoke fire doors can be created depending on the location that the fire door needs to be fitted in. As well as the width of the glazed fire door area, the fire doors can also be made to different wall depths.

Additional Safety Benefits

It is very common for business owners to consider fitting glazed fire doors on areas such as stairways and corridors. This is a practical idea as people can see each other approach the doorway before opening the door and can minimise accidental injuries in the workplace.

Fits With Your Interior

Whilst fire doors are practical they can also by designed in a way that matches the internal décor of your premises.

Often reception areas are fitted with glazed fire doors and panels as they offer a warmer welcome and allow your employees to see and prepare for your visitors before they reach your front desk.

With the range of veneers and laminates that are available with bespoke fire doors you can easily let your fire door fit right in with the look of your office and present a professional image.

The advantages of light

One of the major benefits of using internal fire doors with glass panels is the advantage of light. If you have premises with few windows or darker rooms the addition of natural light is a great asset.

The use of natural light can mean less use of overhead lighting resulting in a saving on power costs. Natural light can also provide a more positive environment for employees and visitors on your premises.

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