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Commercial Doors – Everything You Need to Know

Commercial Doors – Everything You Need to Know

Many works, and some residential buildings and environments require commercial security doors to be installed to provide the necessary security and fire safety aspects, as well as the basic door functions of easy access to and from a building or internal area. Here are some details regarding doors for commercial buildings:

Commercial Doors

Commercial security doors are heavy duty, strengthened robust doors specifically designed for environments that are subject to heavy traffic and use, and in buildings that require extra security – usually found in public buildings and residential buildings of multiple occupation. Industrial workplaces such as factories, along with offices and shops and environments such as schools, hospitals, and most public buildings, will often require commercial security doors. These environments facilitate high numbers of people and, therefore, constant use of the doors within – these commercial doors will be opened and closed hundreds of times per day as opposed to a residential door at home which may only be accessed between ten and twenty times! Think of a school environment where hundreds of children stream through the doors repeatedly, so these doors must be constructed to withstand this repeated use over a sustained period. Doors for commercial buildings need to be accessible for people with disabilities and must provide, not only access to and from a building, but also the security and fire safety elements required by law for these buildings.

Enhanced Materials

There are different materials used in the manufacture of commercial security doors – most are timber-framed with a steel core for the added protection and strength. Doors for commercial buildings must also have enhanced door furniture, or hardware, as opposed from ordinary residential doors – automatic closing and finger safeguarding are often required features of commercial doors, depending upon the environment in which they are being used.
Commercial Door Options

Bespoke steel doors can be manufactured in many different styles for the relevant functions and environments – here are some examples:

Finger Protected Doors – Schools and hospitals are good examples where finger safeguarding doors are required – whilst they are not necessarily a legal requirement, they are highly recommended.

Rebated Doors – For industrial storage rooms and areas, such as plant rooms and boiler rooms in a building facility, these rebated doors are ideal, though not recommended for entrance security doors.

Centre-Hung Doors – The commonly required commercial security doors, these work with concealed overhead automatic door closers and are manufactured as single or double doors that can open either inwards or outwards, or even both ways.

Automatic Doors – Bespoke steel doors can be manufactured with automatic swing or sliding doors providing access solutions in buildings that may require assistance with door opening, such as public buildings and facilities.

Bespoke Doorsets

Bespoke flush timber-frame fire doorsets can be manufactured for any environment – some with additional acoustic soundproofing as well as the security and fire safety elements offered by commercial security doors.

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