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Commercial security tips – Protect your business assets

Commercial security tips – Protect your business assets

Effective security is vital for protecting commercial property, assets and people in the workplace. The potential financial loss from a security failure can be devastating for a business as well as damaging reputation and employees’ peace of mind and welfare.

Protecting all these business aspects as well as the paramount duty of care to the safety of your staff should be carefully considered when arranging the security of your commercial premises.

Here are some security aspects to take into account:

CCTV is essential to both prevention and for reliable evidence

An essential part of any building or premises security system is the Installation of CCTV – these cameras offer the ability to view your premises at all hours of the day, giving you a pair of eyes on your premises even in your absence! The presence of CCTV cameras acts as a deterrent to potential unwanted intrusion and helps to prevent break-ins.

If your premises are subject to criminal intrusion and breach despite your CCTV system, the camera will capture images of the perpetrators and can be used as high-quality and reliable evidence in both apprehending and prosecuting those responsible.

Your CCTV should cover all entrances and exits to and from your premises and any particularly ‘vulnerable’ or valuable buildings or departments – always ensure that your CCTV system does not have any ‘blind spots’ that potential intruders can exploit.

Perimeter protection is crucial to large business premises

As well as installing cameras, you should ensure that reliable perimeter fencing and walling surrounds your business property – this not only acts as a physical deterrent to intruders but also provides some privacy for the premises from the immediate surrounding area. You do not necessarily have to invest heavily in electric security fencing or such – evaluate your security requirements and budgets and choose accordingly – often a simple, well-built fencing perimeter, married with effective lighting and a CCTV system will be sufficient.

Intruder alarms offer peace of mind

Intruder systems can offer great peace of mind to building owners and managers. Evaluate as to whether you need a stand-alone or, for larger premises perhaps, a multi-zoned networked system to deter potential criminal intrusion – there are many different alarm systems available so you can find one that is wholly appropriate for your premises’ requirements.

Access control for staff and visitors

Controlling which people or staff are allowed to go where within your premises is important for security of commercial premises. There are a number of access control systems available using card or fob entry methods to control access through gates and doors around your premises which, as well as allowing or blocking entry, also record the individual personnel involved.

Fire Security is equally important

It is always worth remembering that security for your premises and people is not just about criminal intrusion – the threat from fire outbreak is equally important!

Fire detection and alarm systems should be in place throughout your commercial premises – security fire doors will contain any fire outbreak in the area in which it is ignited and prevent the spread of fire and dangerous smoke to other areas of the building.

High security wooden doors are enhanced security standard doors and frames that can withstand any ‘assault’ from an opportunist intruder, as well as providing vital fire safety security. These security fire doors are ideal for internal installation where enhanced protection is required – and these internal doors don’t have to be ugly or ’industrial’ looking – there are a selection of styles and finishes available, so can enhance the appearance of any area in which they are installed, providing safety and security along with a smart appearance.

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