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Double Fire Doors – Use a Custom-Made Commercial Door

Double Fire Doors – Use a Custom-Made Commercial Door

All commercial, and many residential, buildings need to have appropriate fire doors installed – not only is it a legal and mandatory requirement, any building owner and/or manager has a moral obligation to provide the best possible safety for the building and its’ occupants in the event of a fire outbreak. Providing this safety can be best achieved by ensuring that all commercial fire doors are of the highest quality and integrity. Here are some important aspects to consider:

The importance of commercial fire doors

It is essential that commercial and public buildings have appropriate and effective fire doors installed for many reasons – and not just to comply with the mandatory legal requirements! Buildings need commercial fire doors to protect both the integrity of the building structure itself in the event of a fire outbreak, but more importantly, for the safety and welfare of any occupants, residents and visitors present in that building if the fire outbreak occurs! Whilst double fire doors will not prevent a fire outbreak from happening, they WILL slow down any spread of the harmful flames and potentially fatal smoke from the area in which the fire has broken out. Commercial fire doors will contain the fire and smoke in one area, buying precious time for any people in the building to escape safely and will dramatically reduce any damage to the building itself. Strategically placed double fire doors will segregate specific areas of the building, creating safe passage and access to escape routes for all inside the building which will significantly increase the amount of time people have to get to safety and will potentially save lives!

Bespoke doors are the safest option

Having emphasised the importance of commercial fire doors, the best way to ensure a building, and its’ occupants, safety is to source the best quality, and most appropriate, fire doors that you can. Securing your double fire doors from an established, experienced and industry approved fire door manufacturer and supplier is the sensible approach. Timber-framed bespoke fire doors will offer you custom designed and manufactured double fire doors to your exact specification and purpose for your building environment and specific needs. Fire door regulations and specifications can be extremely complex, so speaking with established experts will ensure that you get the best fire door solution for your building.

Timber Fire Door Specifications

Bespoke fire-resistant timber doors and frame sets come in different formats and resistance times – an FD30 fire door will provide at least 30 minutes fire resistance containing any fire outbreak in that area for that period – FD60 will provide an hour’s resistance and other FD ratings of FD90 and FD120 will provide greater resistance periods and integrity. Fire door sets can be pre-fitted with intumescent strips – essential in halting the spread of smoke – and, where appropriate, any glazed panels in the doors will be fitted with the correct certified glass. ALL these fire doors should be installed by appropriately trained and competent people.

Custom made fire doors deliver exceptional and consistent quality which will provide the peace of mind that your building is more than adequately prepared and protected in the event of a fire outbreak.

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