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Fire door design can be stylish and on trend

Fire door design can be stylish and on trend

Fire doors, as we are all aware, are a vital safety feature in any commercial or public service building. There is often a misconception though, that a fire door is purely functional and, therefore, cannot be aesthetically attractive.

Not all internal fire doors have to look cumbersome or ugly – indeed, these days, there are lots of options for building constructors and interior designers to consider when planning their projects. There is a wide variety of fire door designs that, not only fulfil the very important function of fire safety, but are also stylish, on-trend and provide a pleasing finish to a room.

There are many manufacturers who provide bespoke fire doors for interior designers to incorporate into their designs. So, whether you are considering fire doors for a commercial or domestic setting, here are some things to take into account to ensure that, far from being a hindrance to the finished look, fire doors can be a positive enhancement to any room in any setting:

Individual Door Finishes:

Wood Veneers

Fire doors can be manufactured with high quality veneer finishes, mirroring the look of a broad range of timber species. Wood, being a natural product, will have variations, but you can ensure that all door finishes are consistent throughout your project, and that they match, or complement, each other throughout the rooms.


Your project will most likely require interior doors with glass somewhere within the building – bespoke glazed screens can be made in different styles, types and thicknesses, to ensure, not only the safety required integrity and insulation, but also the look you want for your finish.

Laminate Facings

Laminate doors may be a preferred choice over traditional wood, dependent upon the project and the final look you’re trying to create. Laminates offer a tough, scratch resistant surface that is easy to clean. Different laminate finishes such as plain, patterned or wood grain are available to match any surrounding flooring or wall coverings.


A number of different paint grade options are available – you can choose different finishes, dependent on the materials used to manufacture the door, to obtain the finished look you require.
Your chosen doors manufacturer will have all the important necessary technical and regulatory requirements details, as well as being able to advise you on the aesthetic finishes to ensure you achieve a stylish and complementary finish to your fire doors throughout your project.

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