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Improve office productivity with good acoustics

Improve office productivity with good acoustics

If your job is office-based then it is likely that there is an ‘open-plan’ element to your working environment. Whilst this form of workplace brings a welcome inclusivity and ‘social’ element, it can also carry distractions that can sometimes make efficient work more difficult with noise being the biggest offender.

The modular or open plan office, by its very nature, has fewer ‘barriers’ between staff resulting in reduced privacy and less protection from any noise generated. Excessive workplace noise can make it difficult to concentrate and therefore a bad place to get complex tasks achieved. Whilst office equipment such as printers and telephones can generate noise, it is general conversation from work colleagues that statistically prove the biggest distraction.

The effect of excessive noise

Research shows that staff in an open plan environment are fifteen percent less productive and suffer losing up to twenty minutes of their concentrated work time because of small office distractions created by noise.
Figures show that it can take an average of more than twenty-one minutes to regain their original level of concentration following such an interruption.

Sound absorbing materials

When looking to create a positive environment acoustically you must consider the materials used in creating that environment.

Try to include sound absorbing materials – ceilings and walls including stone wool can help reduce reverberation in the room therefore stifling sound waves and preventing them from reflecting back into the space.

Screens consisting of sound absorption materials will help as well as, perhaps surprisingly, introducing plants is a great way to reduce sound in the workplace – plants not only improve the general décor and instil a sense of wellbeing, but also help break-up and absorb any office noise.

Acoustic doors will make a large contribution

Installing bespoke acoustic doors in your office can make a large and important contribution in controlling excessive noise generated. Acoustic doors manufactured to the nationally recognised Quiet Mark standard are recommended – these doors are available in different thicknesses and sound control levels.

Acoustic doors also offer another important added safety feature – office fire doors will provide protection against any fire outbreak as well as control the noise factor in your workplace.

Controlling noise levels in the office can produce massive improvements in employee focus, a reduction in distraction levels, a drop in errors made and, importantly, a large reduction in employee stress levels. Taking these steps to reduce noise pollution can create not only a more productive workplace, but also a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment for all your staff, thus improving both staff wellbeing and business productivity.

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