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Internal Fire Doors to Meet all your Office Requirements

Internal fire doors to meet all your office requirements

All work environments have to treat safety of the staff and visitors as the first priority, and, as such, need to be fitted throughout with the appropriate, regulation fire doors. Office environments are used for lots of different functions and, as well as the vital safety aspects, there are often other, practical situations to be considered when office fire doors are being installed.

Flush doors offer maximum fire protection

We work closely with contractors and architects to ensure that the correct internal fire doors are installed in the appropriate places within office buildings. Bespoke, flush timber-frame fire doors and frame sets can be made to cater for any office requirement.

Glazed fire doors offer visibility and style

Many areas will require office fire doors which allow for visibility in and out of the room, and doors can be fitted with glazed screens in a variety of styles incorporating the appropriate glass type and thickness. All glazed door options will meet the required safety integrity and insulation regulations.

Soundproof doors for any environment

Many office environments will require soundproof doors for certain rooms – boardrooms where high-level discussions may take place, conference areas, individual meeting rooms for private discussion and HR issues, presentation theatres and perhaps just quiet rooms for concentration, away from distracting noise. Soundproof rooms need to contain noise as well as keep it out – IT suites, for example, can generate considerable noise! All of our acoustic doors carry the industry leading accreditations, including Quiet Mark.

High security fire doors

Some office environments may be in need of formal security options – high security frame sets offer an effective solution to any security issue.

Bespoke doors made to your measurements

Wherever deployed within the building, all of the office fire doors are designed, and then custom manufactured, to your exact specifications and requirements, and fully meet all UK and European safety standards for Fire Resisting Door assemblies. Our bespoke doors are available as pre-hung assemblies and all include the important intumescent strips in either the frame, or the door itself.
Whichever doors you require for the different functions, all are available in a range of finishes from veneer facings in a variety of natural woods, different glazing options, a choice of paint grade finishes, dependent upon door placement and usage, and a variety of laminate facings to create a professional, corporate appearance.

It is worth noting that all fire doors should be installed in these office environments by an appropriate competent person.

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