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Steel Fire Doors For a Stylish Looking Interior

Steel Fire Doors For a Stylish Looking Interior

Here at Fire Doors Rite we take pride in the knowledge and experience gained in years of trading in the construction industry. We want you to take comfort to know that we have the expertise to advise on specifying our premium products that have not only passed rigorous regulatory demands but also exceed your high standards for aesthetic quality and finishing.

Fire safety is a crucial requirement for new builds and refurbishment projects, and if integrated early into the project design stage can instill a feeling of comfort and ease, allowing occupants to rest assured in their beautifully-made surroundings.

Fire risk is the factor that identifies where fire resistant doors, partitions and screens are required. In areas using gas or electrical appliances, usually the kitchen, building control officers will advise the use of fire doors. This is to make certain that there is a suitable barrier between the area at risk of fire and another vulnerable area containing an important escape route for the building’s occupants. Our designs cater for a range of fire-rated doors that can withstand 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of fire and heat. For example, our FD90 fire doors can maintain their fire-resistant integrity for 90 minutes, and all our fire doors are certified to the strictest British and European manufacturing standards.

Choosing Fire Doors Rite does not mean sacrificing design elegance for the practical demands of fire safety. Our steel fire doors unite beauty and function into high-end crafted products that are practical and elegant, and offer design alternatives for every circumstance. For instance, floor to ceiling fire-rated partitions are a charming alternative to typical timber fire doors. With their fire-rated frames and modern glazed finish, steel can provide the slim-line contemporary mood to introduce a light, open feeling between spaces sought after in modern homes. Even in commercial space where meeting rooms and spaces require separation without compromising light or aesthetics, steel fire rated glazed panels offer a striking alternative look. We use fire rated glass and glazing tapes, intumescent fire seals, foam and silicone sealants and quality-finished steel frames for a modern alternative feel that combines with your vision. Your interior designer will be pleased to see the quality range we offer!

For internal or external needs, we also offer high-duty security fire doors where enhanced emergency door protection is required, manufactured to ESD PAS 24 standards.

Fire door regulations and specifications can be complex so whatever you need to know, our friendly team have all the advice and answers. Just call us on 0203 6333 568 and we’ll make sure you get exactly the right fire doors for your needs made to exact measurements.

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