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The Additional Benefits Of Fire Doors

As most people are aware, all public buildings must have appropriate fire doors installed to meet the legal, mandatory compliance of building health and safety requirements. These compliance rules do not apply to individual household residences (with the exception of houses used for multiple occupation, such as student accommodation), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider installing fire doors in your own home! Along with the obvious benefits of providing a safer environment for your family, should the terrible event of a fire outbreak in your house occur, there are other benefits to having fire doors in your home – here are a few beneficial aspects of fire doors for you to consider:


When you mention fire doors many people automatically think of heavy, cumbersome, industrial-looking and unattractive doors – this though is not the case! Today’s manufacturers and fire door suppliers can provide modern and contemporary looking doors that look attractive in any home setting – they are available in a range of woods and veneer finishes that will complement the look and feel of any room in your house. You can have fire doors with glazed panels (also fire resistant!), panelled doors, and doors with just about any design feature you could possibly want displayed in your home – all with that important fire safety aspect! In addition to this attractive modern look, the very construction of the doors can add to that ‘quality’ feeling in your home. The thick, solid construction provides not only the look, but the feel of a high-quality product – solid fire doors offer a tactile experience that emits quality, much more than your usual standard internal door.

Soundproof Doors

Among the benefits of fire-proof doors is the additional insulation they provide – the thicker, heavier doors will help retain heat within a room making them more economically beneficial, but also offer enhanced insulation against noise! Fire doors provide more acoustic insulation than a standard internal door can – they effectively reduce, or even remove, noise transfer from room-to-room within your house – a great bonus if you have a noisy washing machine and dryer in a utility room or, as is often the case, your teenage children’s musical tastes do not match that of their parents! These sound proof doors can offer an unexpected valuable level of comfort in your home.

Add to the aesthetic and soundproofing benefits of these fire doors, the fact that they may add value to your home – if you are selling your property, if your house is fitted with fire doors, it could be viewed as a great advantage to prospective buyers – especially if they have a family of their own – never under-estimate the value of safety! If you are replacing or upgrading the doors in your home, then consider installing fire proof doors as opposed to standard internal doors – as well as the primary advantage of the added security and safety they offer you and your family, these other aspects of appearance and sound reduction make them an attractive option. Speak with an established fire door supplier for full information on the benefits and advantages of having fire doors in your home.

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