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The benefits of ordering bespoke interior doorsets

The benefits of ordering bespoke interior doorsets

In the construction of any building project, then the doors are an important feature to be considered. As well as acting in their most obvious function of entry and exit points to different rooms and the building itself, they will often have the extra, vital function of providing safety and security, acting as fire doors and, in some cases, noise control appliances.

With these considerations in mind, the correct, precise fitting is very important – and obtaining these door sets from a reputable and established bespoke door manufacturer will ensure that you have the best possible door appliances for your building.

Pre hung door assembly

These fire door sets are constructed and delivered as ‘ready-to-use’ complete door units. They can be installed as a single set – the door leaf, the frames and the accompanying architraves – as a complete entity, including the appropriate door ‘furniture’ – the hinges, handles, locks and latches.

Where bespoke doorsets are used

Whether your building project is a brand new development, being constructed from ‘scratch’, or a refurbishment of an older, existing building, then pre-hung fire door sets are an important and practical choice.

The obvious attraction in a new-build project is that they are easier to plan and install as finished units in newly-constructed walls and rooms. In a refurbishment situation, whilst they may carry a slight financial overhead, then depending upon the age and construction of the building, they may offer vital, much-improved safety features – often required from a legal aspect.

Main benefits of bespoke interior doorsets

Each doorset can be tailored specifically for its’ designated placement and function.

All pre-hung doorsets – both the timber fire doors and the sound-proof fire doors – are constructed to satisfy full compliance with the strict regulations legally demanded of their function.

ALL doorsets will experience some differential shrinkage in certain conditions due to the moisture content of the materials used. Our pre-hung fire door assembly sets are constructed to allow for this shrinkage, thus ensuring any change that occurs is controlled and safe.

Convenience – One of the biggest advantages of installing pre-hung door assemblies is that any adjustments that can often be required on door fitting are minimised, as all the tolerance and clearance gaps required are pre-set.

Similarly, any of risk of potential damage to these very important installations is greatly reduced as the door assemblies can be fitted and installed after the rest of the construction work has been completed.

Aside from the important legal safety aspects, bespoke interior doorsets are available in various design options and finishes, thereby offering the perfect aesthetic appearances to complement your building.

Commercial door suppliers

Fire door assemblies are a vital part of any building – they offer the protection of both the property itself and all occupants within. With that in mind, it is ALWAYS advisable to source your pre-hung interior doorsets from a reputable and appropriately accredited manufacturer or supplier – a company that will guarantee their doorsets are BM Quality mark certified through an approved third-party.

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