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Fire Stopping & Third Party Certification

Fire Stopping & Third Party Certification

Compartmentation & Fire stopping is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies to prevent the spread of fire & if there is a stay put policy, the area you are in is safe and can protect you. Fire stopping is designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and/or floor assemblies by impeding the spread of fire by filling the openings with fire-resistant materials. Unprotected openings in fire separations cancel out the fire-resistance ratings of the fire separations, allowing the spread of fire, usually past the limits of the fire safety plan of a building.

It is important to ensure that the product specified is suitable for the intended application. Check the product’s fire test and other evidence to ensure it adequately supports the end use application for which it is being used. Similarly, never mix products from one manufacturer with those of another manufacturer. If such products have not been tested together, they may not work.
Fire stopping components include Intumescent Pastes & Sealants, cementitious mortars, silicone, fire stopping pillows, mineral fibers, and rubber compounds.

What We Do

We Supply & Install Fire Doors correctly through the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installation Scheme, this creates a fully auditable & traceable link to the manufacturer, installer and the products used. We maintain & inspect Fire Doors through the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Maintenance Scheme, carrying out accepted repair techniques all tested and approved by BM Trada Q mark and we also install Fire Stopping & Fire Sealing Products through the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Stopping Installation Certification Scheme.


Because our business ethos is based on saving lives, property and you our clients not only time & money, but also providing a quality service, which is why you should always insist on Third Party Certification and insist on Third Party Certified products from suppliers like Lorient Uk, Safelincs, Hilti, FireCo Ltd for their Freedor Closers and Dorgaurds.

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