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How to choose interior doors to fit your style

How to choose interior doors to fit your style

When choosing internal doors for any property there are a number of elements to consider with regards to, not only the functionality of the doors, but the also the aesthetic appearance. Many may think that this just applies to residential houses or homes, but many commercial environments require, and can benefit from, careful consideration to the style, design and finish of their internal doors.

There are different surfaces for commercial fire doors – laminates, veneers and wood patterns and shades – and many paint colours and tones that can be applied to help your internal doors blend – or contrast if required – to the other elements of the rooms and present an attractive overall appearance.

Here are some aspects to consider when choosing your internal doors for commercial properties:

Select a design style

The design you opt for will depend, obviously, upon the building and its’ function – you should be selecting your door design to sit appropriately in the building’s environment. Bespoke door manufacturers offer many options for commercial fire door design – different colours, finishes – glass panels where appropriate or necessary – and different sizes.

Consider colours and textures

Which colours you consider for your internal doors will be influenced by the other elements in the rooms they are to be installed. There are different paint grades such as MDF faced and paper overlay, along with laminate finishes from plain, patterned or wood grain.

You can also choose from real wood veneer finishes including ash, beech, cherry, elm, larch, maple or even walnut, amongst others.
Finish and accessories

When you have decided upon the colour, style and texture of the doors, you need to choose the right accessories to match. Whilst any door furniture you select must be fit for purpose for commercial fire doors, you can still finish the doors with attractive accessories. First, choose appropriate door frames – colour, style – that will look good with your internal doors. Establish which ways the doors must open – do they swing open right or left – and select the relevant hinges (remember, commercial fire doors must have a minimum of three hinges per door in place). Select door hardware that will complement the other aesthetic features of your doors – the door handles and closing devices must be functional, but they don’t have to always look ‘industrial’!

It is always a good decision to speak to an established and reputable bespoke door manufacturer when choosing your doors for any building, domestic or residential. They will have the knowledge and experience, along with a selection of appropriate and attractive doorsets to choose from and will be happy to consult with you on your best options.

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