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Safehinge finger protection – make it impossible to trap fingers

Safehinge finger protection – make it impossible to trap fingers

It seems everywhere we turn today, we are bombarded with advice and information regarding some aspect of Health and Safety. Whilst, sometimes, we can feel that it may be ‘excessive’, there are certain aspects in life where it must be treated with the utmost respect. One of these areas is anything regarding the welfare and safekeeping of children. It is an alarming fact that every year, around 30,000 children injure their fingers in doors!

Whilst this may not seem the be the most serious of injury, it actually costs the NHS somewhere in the region of £200 million to deal with – a staggering amount of money for accidents that, with better products and planning, could be saved – along with the inevitable pain of such injuries! The other accompanying factor in these injuries is, of course, responsibility – not only do building owners and planners need to consider all aspects for public safety, but it also provides protection for themselves against litigation from potential injuries caused.

Here are some aspects to consider on the issue:

The finger safe solution

There is a product available that should be considered whenever you are contemplating new doors, especially in a new development. Alumax Safehinge is an integral finger guard, manufactured from aluminium, and whose design actually eliminates any gap between the door itself and the frame, therefore making it impossible for fingers to be trapped. It can be built directly into the door on construction, is an attractive addition to the door itself and is suitable for any environment.

Where to use finger safe doors

Finger safe doors would be a welcome addition in any environment, including your home, but would be particularly effective in places such as schools, hospitals, care homes and other public buildings.

The advantages of safehinge over other products:

• It’s aluminium fabric makes it durable and sturdy

• In comparison to other products it is more effective and more economical – for example, the plastic finger guards available are liable to split and need replacing – this can cost up to £500 in replacements over a door’s lifetime!

• Other alternatives – such as hinge ‘covers’ – are exactly that – just covers, and so they merely hide the potentially dangerous gap rather than offer protection from it. Safeguard finger protection leaves no gap at all, thus actually eliminating any danger.

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