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Why Fire Doors Are So Important

Why Are Fire Doors So Important

A question we hear on a regular basis is, why are Fire Doors so important? Well, not only do they protect you and your employees they also protect you against any fines and penalties.
On average 3 million Fire Doors are installed each and every year, whether that’s to schools, high street stores or offices. Every business needs to follow fire safety guide lines that help protect the individuals within that building. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in the business owner receiving a large fine or even possibly a jail sentence.

Follow this link to see a number of well-known stores that have failed to follow health and safety guidelines and have received large fines;
A private landlord has been jailed after being accused by a court of ‘cutting corners’ and risking the safety of its tenants. Keith Newsum admitted to failing to have a sufficient fire risk assessment, failing to take general fire precautions and failing to supply appropriate fire alarms and fire detectors, fire doors and ensuring they were being used correctly within one of his properties.

He was jailed for five months and ordered to pay £100,000 costs and £4,200 compensation to tenants. You can read the full article here;

Fire Safety Week is fast approaching so make sure you are fire safety ready!

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