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Fire Door Inspection

Fire doors for commercial use: what you need to know

Fire doors for commercial use: what you need to know If health and safety is at the top of the priority pyramid for building managers at commercial sites across the UK, then fire safety & in particular fire doors is right at the very top. Responsible organisations have a duty of care to put in…

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5 Step Fire Door Safety Check

5 Step Fire Door Safety Check Read on below for simple checks that anyone can do to make sure their fire doors are compliant and up to the standard required in the RRFSO: Check fire door seals Carefully check the door seals to ensure that they are in good condition and showing no damage; and…

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Choosing Fire Doors for offices

What to think about when choosing Fire Doors for offices Many of us work in offices, and most of the time when we’re there we probably just sit at our desks and get on with our jobs. It’s fair to day that we won’t think about the office Fire Doors much – if at all!…

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Fire Door Safety Standards Explained

Fire Door Safety Standards Explained In buildings that regularly house large groups of people, such as schools, hotels, commercial properties, residential apartments, even airports, it is important to ensure that all fire safety standards are met at all times. Fire door safety standards protect people in the case of a fire where immediate evacuation may…

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Is It Ok to Wedge Open a Fire Door?

Is It Ok to Wedge Open a Fire Door? Fire doors are a legal and practical necessity in many types of residential and commercial properties. On a daily basis they can seem cumbersome and cause delays on a regular basis due to how heavy they can be and a struggle to open and keep open…

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The essential facts about fire doors & PAS 24

The essential facts about fire doors & PAS 24 Doors being doors, not only do you want them to open and close, and, in the case of fire doors, prevent (or at least delay) the spread of fire and smoke, you might also want to look through them while they’re closed (in a laboratory, to…

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Free Quotes for Fire Doors

Contact us now for your free quote based on your current needs for either Fire Door Inspections, Fire Door Maintenance or Fire Door Installation. By requesting a quote from Fire Doors Rite Ltd you will have taken the first step to giving yourself peace of mind for the safety of individuals using your building and…

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Do I Need Fire Doors

Do I Need Fire Doors? The answer is YES! Fire doors provide two essential functions in a event of a fire, they stop the spread of fire within both domestic and commercial premises, and they delay the spread of smoke. Fire doors provide you and other people within the building a safer means of escape….

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Fire Door Responsibilities

Your responsibility for fire doors… There is often confusion about who’s responsibility the fire doors in a building actually falls too, the bottom line is that EVERYONE involved in the life of a fire door, from the fire door inspection through, to its specification and maintenance, is responsible for protecting the building and its occupants….

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Fire Doors – The Workplace

Fire Doors in the Workplace… Every year there are around 650 fires in the workplace, fire presents significant risk to business, not only can it destroy valuable stock equipment and building infrastructure, it can also seriously injure or even cause death to employees or visitors. Many causes of fires in the workplace could be avoided…

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